Update on Josh’s puppy’s ears

I met Josh and some other friends in Petersburg to practice conformation handling some dogs. Josh brought his new female puppy, who is now 6 months old, so I could check out her ears. She tore the tape off after 8 days, so he glued them instead of retaping them.

Her ears are up, looking at the toy, and they are not able to flop. This method of gluing keeps the bases strong.
In this cute picture, you can see that the ears sag a bit when she is not alert.

I advised Josh to reset her ears using the forms and tape, because on close inspection, a crease is starting to form on the inner portion, just above the base. I could be wrong, and maybe her ears will straighten nicely once the glue is removed. I like the way the glue holds them together and pointing up, but I am worried that they sag too much. This gluing method works better on much younger puppies before the back portion of the skull has grown and widened as much as hers has. Regardless, I know he won’t give up on her ears, and they will stand eventually.

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