The boys and See See readjust together

See See has just finished her heat cycle, and I had to keep her apart from the three males in the house. She normally is kept with her two brothers and is fed and exercised with them. During her heat cycle I let her out separately, and she spent time in a crate beside my bed at night and for meals.

I gave her a really good bath first. When I reintroduced them, I did it one boy at a time, and then threw them all together. The brothers have been together throughout her heat cycle, with absolutely no contact with See See.

See See saw Winston first. It’s easy to see she has the upper hand.
Then she put Clyde in his place.
When all three went out together, it was back to regular play time. I love the way they all get along.

It is difficult to keep multiple (3) intact males in one household with an intact female. It’s only manageable because I have two completely separate yards and two levels in the house to keep dogs separated. And of course because the two youngest males get along so well with each other. Johnny and his mother and sister have been together from the beginning. Since both older females are spayed now, I don’t have to worry about ever separating them again.

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