See See’s Win Pics and the Chesterfield County Fair

I got the professional win pics back from the Doswell shows where See See got her first points!

See See at 18 months getting Best of Winners for her first point!
The following day, we beat out a champion female for another point!

I was so happy I went to the Fair and rode a camel!

Totally worth the 10 bucks. However, my back was killing me. My pelvis does not tilt that way!

Then of course I had to go to the children’s petting zoo. There were lots of domestic farm animals of unusual breeds. I was pleasantly surprised to note that, like the camel I rode, they all appeared to be clean, healthy, and content. Way to go, Chesterfield County Fair!

Adorable baby camel
I’ve never seen a goat do this
Two cows necking
Flirting alpacas

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