How did See See and Johnny do at Doswell? Pics and videos!

In addition to See See’s first point on Wednesday, she got an additional point on Thursday, and even went best of opposite sex over another female who was already a champion!

I am so happy, and See See does not care about the win, she just wants to be loved, which is not a problem!

See See was entered Friday, and won her class, but did not win points. Saturday, Johnny was entered in Beginner Novice obedience. This was his first entry ever in obedience, and he is nearly 9 years old.

Johnny doing the heel on leash with figure eight. Not so good, really. Notice how many times there was tension in the leash. Points off for that.
Johnny did the sit for exam perfectly.
The sit stay as I walked around the ring was perfect too.
The recall was not perfect! I had to use a second command because he went past me to explore something that smelled good. Points off, and allowed only in Beginner Novice.

Johnny got a qualifying score of 190 out of 200, which I thought was generous. That is the first leg towards the Beginner Novice title.

Here’s Johnny after the obedience competition. I didn’t do the precise grooming as in the pic below. I wish that car tire didn’t make his back look humped up! Otherwise a good pic. He has a very solid top line if you look closely.
Here is the pro pic of Johnny a couple of weeks ago when he got Select. Grooming makes a huge difference!

We didn’t enter Sunday, and no more conformation shows until November. At least not close enough for me. I will be working on the next level of obedience with Winston, and taking Clyde and See See to dog class.

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