Tornado warning

Yesterday, we had a tornado warning. The news said we were directly in the path, and it was coming in 15 minutes. So, I got some water jugs and my phone and headed for the basement with all the dogs.

See See, Clyde, and Winston stayed in the dog room. As usual, they ignored their food.
Johnny, Nellie, and Jane had to wait out the tornado warning in the laundry room.

Jane gets upset sometimes during storms. She paws at me, as if I could make it stop. But brushing her really helps. She loves it, and is soothed by it. Then the others lined up to be groomed too. There is something about me sitting on the floor with them that makes them want to snuggle. By the time the storm was over, I had a giant pile of hair and toenail clippings. And I was covered with hair! And oh, the tornado dissipated, and I didn’t even lose power.

2 thoughts on “Tornado warning

  1. So glad the tornado dissipated and you didn’t lose power. How are you feeling after the COVID?


    1. Doing fine. I seem to be completely recovered. Senses of taste and smell intact. Thanks for asking! How are you doing with physical therapy? Are you home now?


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