Unserlieben Stonewall was born June 23rd, 1993, 29 years ago today. He came into my life at 7 weeks of age, on my 8th wedding anniversary, August 16, 1993. I got him from a breeder in Michigan, and he had the best temperament and trainability of any dog I have ever known. Wally is the sire of Jane and Johnny, and the grandsire of Winston, Clyde, and See See. Wally is why I breed. I loved him beyond reason.

Unserlieben Stonewall (Wally)
The one who started it all
The one who stole my heart
My first GSD
Wally on our back porch in Columbus, Ohio, around 1996.
Wally’s dam, Am. Can. Ch. Unserlieben Aphrodite, with her handler, Joe LaRosa, in Pontiac, Michigan
Wally’s sire, Am. Can. Ch. Unserlieben Harrigan, with his owner, Karlien Bennett, in Michigan, near St. John

4 thoughts on “Wally

    1. I took thar pic of “Harry” when I was dog shopping. I saw Harry in Columbus winning at a big show, and thought he was gorgeous and had such a calm temperament in all the excitement. I visited the breeder and took pics of her dogs. That pic was taken before Wally was conceived.


  1. Most of time you cant tell from photos, that was a great photo you took. I can see how much the lineage makes a difference. Mark thought when I showed him Harrigan, he said “looks like Connemara.” Not trying to be repetition in comments with Connemara ,she and honestly all her siblings show wonderful combination of superb lines each side. Each different yet similar. Thank you for posting your wise choices.
    Today feel better, remember you have planned blessings ahead with SeeSee.
    Regards and ❤️


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