Winston wins Beginner Novice AKC obedience title!

I’m so proud of Winston. He did exceptionally well today and got his third leg which completes the qualifications for the BeginnerNovice title in AKC obedience. He scored 197.5 out of 200. This was the highest score of dogs entered in both Beginner Novice A and B competition.

I was very nervous about today because I really wanted him to finish the title qualifications. I was so nervous I forgot to ask Iris to video me again! I’m such a ditz. I did remember to ask her to video me actually receiving the ribbons and to get a pic with the judge. And I took a picture of the scoresheet.

Me and Winston, receiving our title ribbon
Judge Michael Mooney gave us our third leg/qualifying score and Beginner Novice title ribbon. The AKC certificate will come later in the mail.

Winston was entry # 402, first place with a score of 197.5.

7 thoughts on “Winston wins Beginner Novice AKC obedience title!

      1. Congratulations to you both. Winston is a great dog. I will bring him an alligator jerky from Florid


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