Winston wins again!

For the first time in over 45 years I had a dog in The Obedience ring. Winston was entered in beginning novice at the greater Washington Bouvier Club in Glen Allen today. On his first time out he got his first “leg”, or qualifying score, towards his Beginning Novice title (3 legs earn the BN title). It’s the lowest level of obedience. I’m particularly proud that he got this on his first try less than six weeks from when he finished his championship in AKC conformation. After all, dogs are taught not to sit in the confirmation ring and then must sit automatically in the Obedience ring. He wasn’t perfect: he got a a score of 187 out of a possible 200. But he was the only dog out of six in Beginning Novice to qualify today! So we got a first place ribbon in addition to the green qualifying ribbon.

If you are wondering why I took a German Shepherd to a Bouvier Des Flanders club specialty show, most specialty clubs open up their Obedience and other performance events to all breeds. And I got a free Regulations book because I realized how much has changed in 45 years, or maybe I just forgot everything!

Winston back at home playing with his ball

We will be at the same show tomorrow and Sunday. So it’s possible he could get his title in one weekend if he gets two more qualifying scores. Hopefully I can get some video of him in the ring.

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