Cause for Celebration

Sir Winston Churchill Out of Sight is a new champion! Winston won Winners Dog at the Virginia Beach Kennel Club dog show today in Doswell, VA under AKC Judge John Schoeneman! It was major points today in dogs (the word ”dog” means male dog here), which was what he needed to finish his championship! (He got Winners Dog yesterday too, but because it was not a major, he did not finish then.) Many thanks to all my friends at the show who manage to be supportive and competitive at the same time. And special thanks to Sharon who came with me to help, hold dogs, and just be a friend! Sometimes I get a little crazy at shows. Me? YES.

Winston was my husband’s pick from Jane’s first litter in February 2019. Chuck named him Winston Churchill because when he was little, he had a big round head. Chuck was with me and Winston when he got his first major as a puppy from the 6-9m class.

Chuck died suddenly in July of 2020, and somehow I know he was watching Winston today. Yes, Chuck, you picked a Champion!

This evening, I sat on the floor with Winston and told him what a good boy he was today
I told Clyde he was good too. He won his class today!
And See See. She won her class today too!

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