Happy Birthday to Jane’s puppies born 2/6/2021

I haven’t gotten many littermate pics. I hope to have them by Valentines Day to post at one time. Please send to morganshep@aol.com

Clydesdale Out of Sight
Tennessee Walker Out of Sight
Because you just never know when you will see synchronized sitting

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Jane’s puppies born 2/6/2021

  1. Clydesdale and Tennessee Walker…stunning photos of both.
    ~ To all owners, hope all have had a wonderful year as I have had with Connemara. Special litter ! Happy birthday to all those special 11 puppies.
    Thank you to Sarah, for your devotion in this…& love of every puppy cared for in this litter and all past litters. Much continued happiness and success as you continue with Clyde and SeeSee.


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