The Reunion!

See See’s heat cycle is officially over after 28 days. I took her to Tractor Supply for a thorough bath and drying to get all the scent off (only $10, use of towels and dryer, and I don’t have to bend over my tub).

I brought her back to be reunited with her brothers, who she loves to play with. This can get a little rough, as stature needs to be reestablished. They are so good natured though. Hard to think they would ever really fight. Nevertheless, I introduced them one at a time.

Notice all the growling and posturing. And sniffing! And more sniffing. There was so much sniffing I shortened the videos. All is peaceful now.

See See greets Clyde, her littermate
See See greets Winston, her older half-brother

Did you notice that See See has put on weight? She looks more mature, less puppyish. Hormones are amazing. She still has lots of maturing to do though, as does Clyde. They will be 1 year old on February 6, 2022.

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