Nine month old GSD that digs in dirt. And eats it.

See See and Clyde, and really all my dogs, have always considered dirt to be a delicacy. I’m not sure why they eat dirt, but they do, if left out in the yard for a bit. When Nellie had her litter, which included Johnny and Jane, the puppies feasted on West Virginia dirt. They would “drill holes” in the yard. They were not satisfied with just topsoil; they wanted to go deep, straight down, into the clay. I would find holes six inches deep and only two or three inches wide. Enough to catch a toe in. I had to fill them in with gravel to keep my ankles intact. Of course you are wondering if they had, or my current puppies have now, a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Perhaps so, but I cannot figure it out. I have tried many different foods and supplements to no avail. I have decided to just let them eat dirt! I’m assuming that Mother Nature knows what she’s doing.

These two pics feature See See with dirt on her nose, her giant ears, and the pink chaise lounge, her favorite perch.

The next two pics also feature See See with her dirty nose. She thinks she can still fit in the armchair, her second favorite perch. I don’t know how that is comfortable!

After a while, she decided to turn around and squeezed herself in!

Can you tell that I adore See See?

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