My cousin Steven’s wife Karla took these pics while they were visiting today.

See See with her ball
Sonehow Clyde is trying to get on Steven’s lap
Me and Steven with Jane
Johnny needs love too
If Nellie is in the room, the ball is hers.
Karla fell in love with Jane

3 thoughts on “Visiting

  1. Had to comment 😉; what wonderful family photos of all Sarah ! All photos, with captions…I had to smile with Nellie’s (claiming the ball .) The pups and elder dogs are grand all special. See See is pretty and Clyde handsome !
    Worth noting the resemblance you and your cousin , take care Sarah .


    1. Clyde looks so silly sitting with Steven! He is in a very goofy stage. (Clyde, not Steven lol.) Reminds me of Johnny at that age. Very skinny, plays hard with his sister, and let’s her roll him on his back, just the way Johnny and Jane used to play. I swear Clyde has grown an inch in the past couple of weeks. He is only a hair shorter than Winston now, and still just seven months.


  2. I was going to mention how big Clyde is !!! Jane and Johnny, See See and Clyde… really special pairs they are Sarah. Nellie special too.


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