Glad and Sad days

Winston did great at the shows so far on this five day weekend in Doswell. (I like Doswell! It is close to home and a very nice well run indoor arena.) Yesterday, Winston got Winner’s Dog, and today he got Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners! Clyde and See See each got Reserve today. So Winston got a point each day!

Both days I had to hurry home. I skipped getting our win picture taken because my 18 year old kitty, Mel Gibson, is dying. I cannot believe he keeps hanging on. He has gone down to skin and bones, and he seems to be semi-conscious. I made the decision to NOT put him to sleep because he is so afraid of strangers. I don’t want his last moments to be filled with fear. He does not seem to be in pain, so I just keep petting him and telling him what a good kitty he has been, and how much I love him.

Mel Gibson at 18, before he got sick.

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