Guess what Clyde told me.…. DANGER, DANGER!

We had a big storm last night, and a tree fell on my fence, leaving a low place where a mischievous puppy might be tempted to explore and get out of the yard. So I went outside with Clyde, See See, and Winston to supervise. The puppies chased Winston around for a bit while Winston carried a stick up high. They started to get down to doing their business, and then Clyde jumped into the air and started barking at something on the ground…. GOOD BOY CLYDE!!!! No people or pets got hurt, thanks to Clyde, and maybe the storm. I wonder if I would have gotten to the dogs in time if i hadn’t been outside with them because of the fence.

This is a good example of why obedience is so important. Even though they weren’t finished outside, they all came when I called immediately, and I was able to get the shovel and kill this copperhead, which was right in the middle of the back yard, where all of my dogs go out to potty several times a day.
Clyde takes after his Uncle Johnny, who has intuitively alerted me many times to life threatening situations, not to mention scaring off people who thought twice about seeing me as a victim. Please comment if your dog has ever saved you or your loved ones!

6 thoughts on “Guess what Clyde told me.…. DANGER, DANGER!

  1. I am so impressed by 1) Clyde and 2) YOU for having the headspace to get the dogs inside and grab the shovel and killed the damn snake. I would have 1) peed my pants and 2) called for help!!! WAY TO GO SARAH!!!!!!!! And yes I think I told you the story of Mandy alerting the boys to smoke in the house….they were awake but we were sleeping like rocks and I sincerely believe she saved us. DOGS ARE AWESOME!!!

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    1. I remember that! The boys were in their room staying up late, and Mandy alerted them that the wood stove was smoking up your room, where you and Rick were sleeping! She was SUCH a good dog! NO DOUBT she saved you.


  2. Thankful all ok !!! If it were Connemara or Jasmine I’m unsure they would of reacted as Clyde. Both are too determined with most around here from birds to bunnies…frogs to salamanders to the beautiful harmless butterflies. ( We are working on all each day! ). When I seen this I thought how amazing it was that Clyde didn’t naturally investigate, he responded to you Sarah. Thats awesome ! I’ve had many pets in my life that each were were helpful to me in many ways . I believe God places them with us for a reason. In my case, brought me back to God, Thankful for all of Gods creation. Take care of you and all your sweet babies Sarah . ❤️


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