Winston at the July 1st-4th Doswell, VA shows

This weekend was a four day dog show weekend, starting Thursday. Winston was entered all four days. Honestly, there wasn’t a lot of competition.
Winston won on Thursday! Yay! We lost on Friday. Boo. He got reserve on Saturday. Ok. Sunday, I hurt my foot and didn’t go! Sunday was going to be the tiebreaker!
He is entered in a show next weekend, but my foot hurts, so I doubt we will make it. I will post his win pic when I get it.


2 thoughts on “Winston at the July 1st-4th Doswell, VA shows

  1. Hello Sarah! Happy Monday! Sorry to see you’ve hurt your foot! I had suffered similar injury but my second toe about 3 weeks ago and still recouping. Definitely makes it more challenging to keep up with a 5 month old puppy, Greta (Dressy)! Greta is growing beautifully! She weighs 52 lbs now and her ears have stood up without assistance since she was 4 months. We had been giving her 2-4 tbsp of Greek yogurt a day to provide additional calcium during teething and definitely helped to strengthen her cute floppy ears to perfectly erect ones! Greta has graduated from her kindergarten class last week and will be attending the next level session starting July 11. We are working on her socialization through these classes as she little other interaction with pups/dogs here at home, although she is very curious about the 3 fawn and other deer that visit our property daily. She has her basic commands of sit, lay down, stay, come and can catch, drop and retrieve a ball or toy like a champ!! I have attached some photos of Greta’s progress!


    1. Sandy, thank you so much for the update! It sounds like you have done a wonderful job with Dressie/Greta! Unfortunately I do not see the photos. Please send them to my email so I can post them on the blog!
      I love that you have done classes with her and she has done so well. And yay, another report of good ears and natural retrieving!!! She is right on track with her weight.
      Let’s take better care of our toes, shall we?


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