Puppies’ First Socialization!

My neighbor’s daughters came to visit! They were more than happy to pet puppies. At this stage, the puppies are just associating humans with being warm and comforted. All the puppies were held, petted, talked to, and got to fall asleep in someone’s lap other than mine. They got to know other people’s smells and voices, and accept them as part of life. I will be having all types of people over as they develop, so they all learn to like people and to be trusting, not shy or aggressive. This will in no way prevent them from barking at strangers who come to the house, but will make them accepting once they are introduced to new friends.
I hope you will contact me if you would like to pet puppies too. You don’t need to commit to buying a puppy. A visit would serve two purposes. You get to check out the health of the litter and see how and where they are raised, see the adult dogs that they are related to, and experience the joys of new life. The puppies get to experience the socialization that is priceless. If puppies are not socialized during the critical stages of development, it cannot be crammed in later. Early socialization is critical for proper development. And I love taking pics of all the cuteness!
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or to schedule a time to pet German Shepherd puppies.
If you are considering buying a puppy from Shepherd Sight, please contact me to discuss how puppies will be selected.

Enjoy the cuteness!

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