Transporting Rescue Dogs

Please feel free to copy and paste this link in your social media pages to promote donations to these organizations. This past weekend, I did another leg of a transport for rescue dogs. I transported 4 of 13 on Saturday from South Hill to Richmond, where they spent the night in temporary foster homes.Continue reading “Transporting Rescue Dogs”

See See’s Win Pics and the Chesterfield County Fair

I got the professional win pics back from the Doswell shows where See See got her first points! I was so happy I went to the Fair and rode a camel! Then of course I had to go to the children’s petting zoo. There were lots of domestic farm animals of unusual breeds. I wasContinue reading “See See’s Win Pics and the Chesterfield County Fair”

How did See See and Johnny do at Doswell? Pics and videos!

In addition to See See’s first point on Wednesday, she got an additional point on Thursday, and even went best of opposite sex over another female who was already a champion! See See was entered Friday, and won her class, but did not win points. Saturday, Johnny was entered in Beginner Novice obedience. This wasContinue reading “How did See See and Johnny do at Doswell? Pics and videos!”

See See gets her first point!

I only showed See See today. I’m trying to focus on her because she does so much better with individual attention, and I’m not having to switch back and forth between her and Clyde. She is also entered on Thursday and Friday. Thank you Kyle, for the videos! In the next video you first seeContinue reading “See See gets her first point!”

Winston gets CD title in 3 shows in 2 days!

In AKC obedience, CD stands for Companion Dog. It means the dog has gotten a qualifying score three times in Novice exercises. Click here to go to the AKC website for precise information: Obedience: About Winston was entered in the Tidelands Poodle Club obedience trials on Saturday and Sunday. There was one show on SaturdayContinue reading “Winston gets CD title in 3 shows in 2 days!”

Transporting rescue dogs

On Saturday evening I transported some more rescue dogs. I drove them from South Hill, Virginia to Richmond where they were then overnighted in temporary foster homes. The dogs were originally at full shelters in Alabama and Georgia, and several volunteers were organized to transport 13 dogs. On Sunday morning other volunteers took them allContinue reading “Transporting rescue dogs”

Johnny, Clyde, and See See at the dog shows

It was a three day weekend at Doswell. On Friday, I showed See See and she did ok, but did not win. On Thursday, I showed Johnny and Clyde. Johnny got Select, and Clyde did not win. Sunday, under Judge Sulee Greendale-Paveza, I showed Clyde and See See. Clyde and See See both got majorContinue reading “Johnny, Clyde, and See See at the dog shows”