Can’t we all get along like these two?

Winston is nearly three years old. Clyde turns 1 year old on February 6th. I can’t get over how well these two guys can work things out. Here they are eating and playing together. In the second video you can see that Winston is dominant and occasionally disciplines Clyde. And Clyde responds submissively in an appropriate way. And no one gets hurt. Neither male is neutered. I keep thinking this will change, but See See has nearly finished her heat cycle, and there’s been no fighting. (I have kept Johnny separate, with Jane and Nellie, because he is too aggressive with other males. He is the territorial one and my protector.) Winston and Clyde are simply buddies.

Winston and Clyde eating together
Winston and Clyde playing together, with discipline! You can see Clyde being very submissive.

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