Transporting rescue dogs from Georgia to Pennsylvania, via Richmond, VA

Again this weekend, I was a small cog in a big wheel. Drivers and overnight fosters transported and cared for a mixed breed mother dog and her 9 8-week old puppies from an overcrowded shelter in Georgia. Utilizing a long chain of drivers, with an overnight stay in Richmond, all of them ended up at The Rescue Express in Pennsylvania ( ) where they will find homes. All of us pitched in to keep these dogs from being euthanized.

Here are a few pics of the puppies in crates in my van:

Momma Daisy and the puppies got lots of petting and love at each transport point from us volunteers.

Please donate to the Rescue Express through this website link:

If you want to volunteer as a driver or foster dogs and/or puppies contact Doris at 678-468-2524.

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