Johnny, Clyde, and See See at the dog shows

It was a three day weekend at Doswell. On Friday, I showed See See and she did ok, but did not win. On Thursday, I showed Johnny and Clyde. Johnny got Select, and Clyde did not win. Sunday, under Judge Sulee Greendale-Paveza, I showed Clyde and See See. Clyde and See See both got major reserves! Even though that is not a win, I was very proud! My friend Kaitlyn showed Clyde for me, and Clyde did great with her! Thank you Kait, and thank you Michael and Ashley for the videos!

See See being judged individually in the Bred-by Exhibitor class
Here is See See getting her major reserve
Kait is in the white jacket handling Clyde and getting second in class
Clyde getting the nod for the reserve with Kait handling

These next two pics were taken with the help of Ashley Minter. She did a great job of getting down on the dog’s level and getting great shots just outside the show building.

Clyde at 18 months
See See at 18 months

I will post the video and pic of Johnny getting Major Select when I get the professional pic back from the photographer.

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