Transporting rescue dogs

This evening I drove to South Hill and picked up four dogs out of fourteen and drove them north to Richmond. Three were border collie/blue heeler mix littermates and about 6 months old. The fourth was a year old lab mix. I was one of many volunteer drivers who transported the dogs in 80 mile sections from Cedar Bluff, Alabama, to Mechanic Falls, Maine. Richmond is an overnight point, and the dogs are fostered in the homes of still more volunteers. Some are already going to approved new homes, and some are going to no kill rescue groups. If not for this group of volunteers, these animals would be euthanized at shelters which are full in the south. If you want to volunteer, call Doris at 678-468-2524 who smoothly coordinates this amazing caravan.

You might think that all this traveling and being transfered from car to car would be stressful. But on the other hand, the dogs are handled gently by good people, and they get a good night of affection in someone’s home. The socialization is really good for those dogs that have not been around people much, or have been neglected or abused. They can start to learn to trust.

Here are two of the dogs with their temporary overnight foster volunteers.

The lab mix named Lucky. He was great in the car. He will make someone a great pet.
One of the border collie/blue heeler mixes. There were two females and one male.

Please get your dog spayed or neutered!

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