Reintroducing a female German Shepherd to her brothers after her heat cycle

Well it’s been a whole month. I gave See See a bath to get all of the heat cycle smell off of her. It’s time to reintroduce her to her brothers. Her brothers have continued to get along famously. I am so proud of my two boys who get along so well with each other. Winston, the blackest one, is 3 years old and an older half brother to Clyde and See See. Clyde, with the red collar, is 17 months old. See See is Clyde’s littermate and is the smallest. She just finished her second heat cycle, right on schedule.

See See fetching a stick right after her bath
Winston got to greet See See first. He was more interested in the ball I think! That’s Clyde whining in the background.
I intended to let Clyde out with See See without Winston. But as soon as I opened the door to the dog room, Clyde JUMPED OVER Winston and OPENED THE SCREEN DOOR to go see his sister. So then Winston went on out too before I could even react. I needn’t have worried. Winston let them re-establish their relationship with no interference.

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