Dog shows X 5

Today was the last day of the 5 day weekend of dogs shows in Doswell, VA. Long story short, we lost. But we got enough nibbles to keep trying. Winston showed three days, and the puppies the other two days, alternating. Winston got reserve one day, and Clyde got reserve another day. I did get a compliment on See See from the judge. They are not experienced in the show ring, so I didn’t expect them to win. I had higher hopes for Winston, but hey, maybe next time. I do have a couple videos! Thank you Gail! (Gail’s pretty female got major points toward her championship!

You can tell Clyde has a lot to learn! This is the first time I’ve had him in the ring.
Here you can see Clyde getting Reserve, otherwise known as second place. Only the winner gets points toward a Championship.

On Friday, Vera Symonds showed Winston for me. He moves out much better for her.

I wish I had better news! But I was really proud of my dogs. There were some really nice dogs at the show, so no sour grapes. I am especially hopeful about the puppies. I think they are promising!

in the videos, you can see quite a bit of variety in the dogs. They are judged for their structure, as described by the AKC standard of the breed, which includes movement. This is very subjective, so different judges pick different dogs. My dogs are by no means top show quality, but they are good, and they are what I like and believe is important.

2 thoughts on “Dog shows X 5

  1. Fantastic performances loved watching .
    SeeSee very nice what the judges comment was.
    Clyde , hoorays…you should be proud how well he did Sarah !!! And how well you did handling Clyde ! I replayed how Clyde responded to you, how he did his turns just being out there in that big ring with the other dogs ; the venue noise and all …wahoo ! A big deal for Clyde he is sweet !!! Connemara gives 🐾 to Clyde ,SeeSee and Winston.
    Of course loved watching Vera with Winston, wonderful. So talented is Vera. Winston to me is confident and calm.
    Happy for all.


    1. One of the judges commented that she acted like she had some sense, and another one said she was going to grow up to be real pretty. It’s nice when they something positive, even if they don’t win. A lot of judges don’t like to put puppies up over mature dogs because their conformation changes so much it isn’t really fair. Which I understand. Nevertheless, it is very good experience for them to show in a real show.


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